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We are OfColor.

Introducing an enterprise financial wellness platform featuring personal and ai-driven financial guidance, automated tools & liberating capital, built for us, by us.


We can no longer be economical with the truth.

The businesses that fuel our economy mirror the pitfalls of our country when being colorblind is the goal. A colorblind world gives us an incomplete picture. It’s not only okay to acknowledge difference, it’s essential in creating a culture that truly addresses the needs of all employees – especially people of color.

    The person at the desk beside you might have the same salary but a completely different financial reality. It’s time that financial wellness tools looked beyond the numbers. OfColor is here to help.

  • From mortgages to car loans, people of color pay more for every single type of credit.
  • From overdrafts to advances, we pay more, on average, to even access our own money.
  • In the places we live, there are fewer brick-and-mortar financial institutions than anywhere else.

It is our vision, mission and mandate to build and deploy financial wellness tools and services that deliver equity in a corporate world that still prioritizes equality.

We will enable economic justice from inside enterprises, outward to all.

We believe that the places that pay, tax, match, teach, challenge and reward us – can uniquely nurture our financial health. The vast majority of employee financial wellness programs were implemented with the best of intentions, but they were not built for, and do not resonate with, employees of color. At OfColor we understand the issue firsthand. We lived it, then we created a company to change it.

For OfColor, reimagining these programs is step one—of many.

Workplaces are distribution centers for race-relevant financial tools.

Change begins by providing enterprises with the means to spread guidance that nurtures our differences. From technology to literacy to access, OfColor delivers solutions designed explicitly for us.

First up

The OfColor Mentor AI-Advice

An AI-algorithm that serves up a real-time feed of financial guidance that’s tailored to a member's personal financial profile.

Personal Financial Management Tools

An aggregation and categorization platform that powers budgeting, debt management and goal mapping.

Original “Just-in-Time” Financial Education Content

A daily serving of content that’s driven by a member’s financial profile, so insights are timely and personal.

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Disclaimer: By submitting your email you are agreeing to receive emails from OfColor.

“Employers who hope to offer [financial wellness] services should anticipate that awareness, barriers, and utilization will likely vary with employees’ race and ethnicity.”

Washington University In St. Louis

Social Policy Institute, September 2019

When we see color, make change and play fair, the benefits are mutual.

When companies recognize that employees of color have different financial needs—and choose to nurture that difference with intention—they can enable tangible benefit and betterment.

Likewise, by engaging OfColor to implement the right tools, companies will ultimately lower their benefit spending and have more productive employees.

That’s a fair exchange to us.

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Disclaimer: By submitting your email you are agreeing to receive emails from OfColor.