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Employee financial health.

Built for us by us.

We are OfColor.

Introducing a financial health platform that helps employees of color to make and keep more money.   

Employee benefits programs are only as good as the engagement. BIPOC employees have lower participation rates because the content doesn't resonate.

OfColor is different. We lived it, then we created a company to change it. We understand how to talk to the audience because we are the audience. 

A win-win, for your employees and organization.

When companies recognize the importance of diversity and choose to meet it with intention—they can enable tangible benefits in recruitment, productivity and retention. 

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OfColor In The Press.

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It’s not only okay to acknowledge difference, it's essential. Do it to create a culture that addresses the needs of all employees—especially people of color. 

Households Facing Serious Financial Problems During Coronavirus Outbreak

Retirement Savings for Americans 

A 360 View of Financial Health

Culturally Relevant Financial  Education

Savings Tools that Drive Engagement

One-on-One Financial Coaching

Community-Driven Engagement

Savings Boost Sweepstakes

We integrate the best from fintech and behavioral finance into a single platform to improve employee financial health.