This is the place to build your financial legacy.

This is real talk about money, tools that empower, and coaches who have lived that life. For us by us.

How we are different

Traditional financial tools ignore the minority money experience. Ours is all about it.

This isn't about bootstrapping. It's about navigating a system that wasn't built for you.  


Current truths

We understand the realities of being a first-gen college grad and a member of a multigenerational household, and the challenges of trying to rent, buy, or sell a home when skin tone is a factor. We create solutions to address the range of our realities.

Same but different

People of color are not a monolith. We're bonded by collective exclusion from the systems of wealth creation. Together, we are many, and OfColor is uniting us to share knowledge and create serious change.

Tools that flex

We know that if you don't have money, the concept of a financial legacy can feel irrelevant. So our tools help you find money and keep more of it; we work with whatever you have to get you wherever you want to go.



Our culturally relevant content will answer questions that no one else is asking. We speak more to car notes than car loans. We provide practical, actionable guidance that can help you achieve the parity you deserve.


We have the educational financial tools you need to increase savings, pay down debt, scale income—and understand how it's all connected to who you are.


Our coaches understand that money is a highly emotional topic. Their one-on-one sessions are designed to help your money become a tool to create a less stressful—and more fulfilling—life. 

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Ways to engage

Start small or leap with faith. We're happy to send you info, speak to your people, or tailor a plan. We're game to meet you exactly where you are with what you need.

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Our webinars offer real talk about the minority money experience and allow you to share in insights from like-minded colleagues.

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Invite an OfColor financial coach to your next employee resource group meeting or request a free group coaching session. Help us to spread the minority money gospel.

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Our promise

Trust & believe

The consistent financial exploitation of people of color is real. But we don’t sell data. We don’t profit off recommendations or referrals. Our goal is to have the tools and services we provide be subsidized solely by the enterprises that engage us, not the end-users we steadfastly serve.

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