Xavier Ramey Keynote

One of the most respected voices in the DEI space shares an insightful and soul-stirring message on the power of authenticity when cultivating change.

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We empower employees of color to build wealth.

The financial systems in America were not designed to support people of color, and navigation takes knowledge. OfColor delivers actionable, personalized strategies using technology, content, coaching, and community focused on growth.

Keynote speaker

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Xavier Ramey
Social Strategist, Public Speaker, and Chief Executive Officer of Justice Informed, LLC


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Bethaney Wilkinson
Author of The Diversity Gap

Bethaney Wilkinson is the author of The Diversity Gap: Where good intentions meet true cultural change. As a coach and facilitator, she helps race conscious leaders and teams embody their values for racial equity and liberation.

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Yemi Rose
Founder & CEO, OfColor

Yemi Rose is the founder of OfColor (Techstars ’20), a financial wellness SaaS platform focused on employees of color.