It’s said that money talks.

That it is power, worth, blood and love.

It can burn holes, make good, mark time. But not for all.

Because there is no salve for a crack that’s been widening for centuries.

Until we are only hanging on, deep in that difference. It is the gap.

The great chasm of wealth between those of color and those with privilege.

Between those born into lack and those born not Black.

OfColor was born to lift us up.

OfColor is here to make change.

Not with handouts but come-ups.

With tools that no one thinks we are savvy enough to have.

So we can master our own righteous and rightful financial futures.

So we can own our own legacies.

This is the time. We have the ways, the means, the roots and the profoundest understanding of what it takes to reach.

We are OfColor.

Partner with us to deploy financial wellness services that deliver. Reach out to learn more.

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