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OfColor is a black-owned financial wellness platform that is available to all – but unapologetically centered around employees of color.

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Traditional financial tools ignore the minority money experience. Ours is all about it.

The financial systems in America were not built for people of color, and successful navigation takes knowledge. OfColor delivers actionable, personalized strategies with technology, content, coaching, and community focused on growth.


Unlimited access to small group coaching sessions on topics that relate to you.

Our coaches understand the challenges of creating wealth in America as a person of color because they’ve lived it.

Just login to your Financial Finesse Hub,  filter by OfColor, and discover all the upcoming sessions.

Featured Session Topics:

Multi-Generational Finance

Kicking Emotional Debt to the Curb

Ask Me Anything: Coaches Q&A

Our Features

Beyond coaching, gain access to the full suite of OfColor features

Our full platform was created to support you every step of the way of your money journey.



Culturally relevant content that answers questions no one else is asking. Our videos and articles provide practical, actionable guidance that can help you achieve the wealth you deserve.



A diverse community of motivated leaders focused on supporting people of color through their financial journey but sharing knowledge and experiences

Our Promise

Trust & believe

The consistent financial exploitation of people of color is real. We don’t sell data and we do not profit from recommendations or referrals. Our goal is to serve employees of color. Period.

We have banking-level encryption on our budgeting tools

No one has access to your data except for you – not the OfColor team or your employer.


Download OfColor

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Check out some of our most asked questions here.

Do I have to pay for this?

No, this benefit is paid for by your employer and is free to use.

I don’t identify as a person of color, can I use OfColor?

Absolutely, anyone can use the OfColor platform.

How can I access OfColor group coaching sessions?

Go to your myHR page, search and select financial well-being. You'll find OfColor group coaching events listed in "Upcoming Events"

What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is about achieving financial stability, developing a healthy relationship with money and building a financial legacy that aligns with your goals.

Still have a question?

All good, talk to us directly by emailing

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